Coyote Conference 

Nov. 6-8, 2020

Northern California

Who We Are


We are a collective of Directors, Program Leaders and Instructors who are committed to leading youth back to the skills of the Earth because we believe...


  • our responsibility as humans is to take care of our Earth Mother

  • connecting deeply with the natural world gives people the perspective and tools to restore the land

  • by working together we create a support network of like-minded individuals that accelerate our collective learning, increase our mentoring skills and better connect people to the Earth

  • supporting programs to grow in a non-competitive way is key to successfully restoring balance among Earth Skills-based schools and programs.


Our Purpose

To raise our individual programs and organizations to their full potential by providing...


  • The Coyote Conference: leadership gatherings to network and share best practices,

  • training opportunities for staff, and make solid one to one connections with each other. 

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