Welcome to the Coyote Campfire

Grab your tending sticks, a warm mug of wild mint tea, and gather round the fire with your fellow coyote mentors below. Since this is a private page, we recommend you bookmark it for future reference.


If you just submitted a form entry for a current fire that is being tended, stay tuned and we will update this site with your entry soon.

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Theme Question:

What is your current favorite skill/activity to teach youth in nature?

Ken Clarkson

Activity: ninja roll tag

Julie Wolk

Planting the Seed of Your Vision

Rick Berry

Activity: Quickie Bows

Wendolyn Bird

Activity: Two Little Birds

Josh Lane

Nature Qi Gong and Storytelling

Andrew Joslin

Woods Studio: Tree Bark Rubbings 

Mark Roemke


Miki Dedijer


Isabelle Martin

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Robbin Finnerty

Ninja Bacon/Steal the Chi

John Rible

Expressed Interest

Elizabeth Swift


Laura Stein

Fox Walking

Mindy Weck

Gathering Nuts

Aaron Tinker

Creek Exploration

Erica Shorter


Cyndi O'brien

Gnome and Fairy Doors

April Cotte

Acorn Harvest

Lauren Chavez

Acorn Gathering

Rob Riman